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Claudia Sterrer-Pichler
Managing Partner

Recent Posts

Short Film – 28th Values Forum “Leading Change: Values as Drivers of Change in Times of Upheaval” on October 13, 2011 in Berlin

In the competition for customer trust, a clear orientation to values is the key to success. Particularly in times of upheaval, values can promote important changes, as was discussed in the Values Forum “Leading Change”, sponsored by The Architects of Value. watch video (German)

Short Film – Corporate Cultural Symposium of the Association of Arts and Culture of the German Economy on September 16, 2011 in Berlin

Corporate support for the arts: how companies can get involved, and why communication is essential to success. This symposium, sponsored by The Architects of Value, examined corporate cultural responsibility from multiple perspectives. In the keynote speech, The Architects of Value urged companies to overcome their alienation from the arts and the community. watch video (in German)

Banking on Relations – Not an Issue for German Private Banks? A study of private banking in the digital world (Abstract)

The transformation of traditional business models in the digital world is an important factor for customer loyalty and financial success. Nevertheless, German private banks are still reluctant to use digital media in a profitable way. A study by Sterrer-PichlerClauss shows where gaps and areas of potential are to be found. (Read PDF, 127kb,in German)